Reach Out Goes Global

Sophie is back

from her seven-week trip to Goa where she worked voluntarily at the St Alex Orphanage.

“I stayed with an Indian family who treated me very kindly and served me spiced potatoes and chapattis for breakfast, and my favourite, fish curry rice for tea.”

“I worked in a school called the Little Flower Primary School, where each class has 50 – 60 children with one teacher, so I was very busy.


Yes, this is me on an Elephant!

The school was run by nuns who were very strict disciplinarians”. Sophie found the classrooms with bare empty walls a stark contrast to classrooms in this country. The school was an eye-opening experience and she has brought back ideas to help children at Reach Out embrace new friends in Goa and understand the problems they face.

Sophie was able to take small gifts with her for the children and their reaction to the gifts was amazing. They loved the hair bobbles and stationary so thanks to everyone who donated.

After the school day Sophie worked in an orphanage where she did one to one teaching with the girls to improve their English and maths skills.


Before returning to England Sophie got the opportunity to do a little sightseeing and visited the Amber Fort in Jaipur, also known as the pink city. Then she went on to Agra where she saw the beautiful Taj Mahal and then to Delhi where she spent her days spending all her rupees in the markets and cinemas. Finally she visited Mumbai where she very nearly became a Bollywood star!

“I will never forget the colourful bazaars, beautiful waterfalls, spicy food, music, sounds, smells and the wonderful friendly people”

Since returning to Sheffield Sophie has been reliving her memories by sharing her experiences with the children in club. During the Easter holidays Sophie and Safira are planning a Goa day where we will be exploring all things Indian. We hope that this will be the beginning of many other cultural activity play days.

Look out for booking information to join in with our Indian day and other fun activities during the Easter holidays.

To find out more about the Educators Trust visit their website: www.educatorstrustindia.org

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